Harry Potter Exhibit

Harry Potter Exhibit -Anastasia Niforos

Today couldn’t have been more amazing. Today my study abroad group and I traveled to Warner Bros. Studio in London to tour the Harry Potter Exhibit. This where the Harry Potter movie series was filmed. I was able to see anything from different sets to the actual wardrobe worn by the cast. The tour was designed beautifully and I felt like I was in one of the movies.

We started out by sitting in a cinema that went through the eight movies and talked about the exhibit. Then we were led into the room where the Great Hall was. I was able to see the long tables which were set as well as clothes that were displayed that characters to wore. After that, we went into a massive room that had costumes, props, sets and much more. I was in awe by everything and couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing this in real life. Eventually, we reached the halfway point where Butter Beer and food were being served.

The second half of the exhibit contained art design of the characters and the layout of the design for architecture seen throughout the movies. I think the thing that I loved the most was the small-scale design of Hogwarts that was used for filming. It was honestly stunning. The detail was prominent and structured. It was built so elegantly that it looked real. As I walked around mesmerized by what was in front of me the lights started to dim and the room became darker. Lights started to appear all over Hogwarts and I realized that I was seeing the structure at night. It was beautiful and I just stared until the lights slowly became bright again.


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