Harry Potter Time!

By Trevor Klaus

I figured the best way to begin the last week of blogs relating to the trip would be to choose what will likely be the most covered topic on the blogs today. Regardless of the redundancies this blog will surely have with my comrades, the Harry Potter tour at Warner Brother’s Studios London in Watford is simply worth constantly reading about. For any Potter fanatic, this tour is simply a must!

The tour takes you on a journey that truly immerses you within the Wizarding World. As the studio is where a lot of the filming for all of the films took place, you literally get the opportunity to walk through some of the sets used. Some of these included Diagon Alley, the Dursley’s home, and the Forbidden Forest. The inner Potter fan within me was simply giddy with joy being able to walk through perhaps my favorite film series growing up. Not only the sets were on tap on the tour, but some of the animatronics on hand were also impressive. Particularly, the one with Buckbeak, the fictional griffin-like creature that appeared in a few of the films.

The tour also tried to tell the tale of how the movies were made. Scattered throughout the tour, there were testimonials from each of the four director’s that directed a film in the franchise, as well as some from the main cast and crew regarding how the film was made. However, what was perhaps the most impressive to me were the cardboard representations of everything that was in the film. It was genuinely fascinating for me to think about all of the time that went into each of those cutouts just so the set designers could get an idea of what they were designing. Other fascinating parts of the tour in terms of production for me included the green screen stuff, as well as the costume design.


I rounded off my tour by getting a customary Butterbeer, which is only served at four locations worldwide. Also, I got some merchandise relating to the house of Hogwarts I belong to (which happens to be Hufflepuff). After these brief stops, it was time to return home!


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