“Harry — yer a wizard” -Hagrid


by Malaika Allen

Today has been one of my favorite days so far! We got to go on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour ‘The Making of Harry Potter‘. This tour was definitely worth the wait, there was so much to see and only so much time in a day to see it all. During different times of the year the tour highlights different movies. Right now they are highlighting the Goblet of Fire, which is the fourth book and film in the franchise.

We started with a short introduction, of course for the non-Harry Potter fanatics. From there we went right into the Great Hall. This began our tour of the different sets, props, costumes, and everything else that went into making this fantasy world come to screens across the world. Some of the sets we saw included: Dumbledore’s Office, Gryffindor’s Common Room, the Forbidden Forest, and Hagrid’s Hut, just to name a few. Throughout the tour they had the actual costumes, wigs, props, and even explanations to some of the most memorable scenes all throughout. Every inch of this building is covered with something that came straight from the movie.

There was even an area halfway through the tour where patrons could stop for a butterbeer or butterbeer ice cream.

I realized that a lot more of the movie was filmed using green screens that I thought. We were able to see how much planning and detail went into every inch of these project in fairly short periods of time. I did learn that they created a scale model of Hogwarts and just editing everyone into the set. I never would have thought that the school was only the size of a room (that is big, but I always thought they found an old castle to film outside).

I like that we were able to see all the parts that went into creating such a successful franchise.

Even if you aren’t a huge Harry Potter fan, I think you should see it, because it is very informative about the behind the scene processes that went into play over a span of ten years.

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