How Warner Brothers Runs YOU Dry!


Harry Potter is arguably one of the best selling book series of all times. The books have inspired eight films, an addition to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and the transformation of a set stage into a entire museum dedicated to these books. The books have touched the lives of millions of people and will continue to do so. This does not mean there are not any skeletons in the closet. The books have been the diesel fuel to the capitalist powerhouse of Warner Brothers.

The only thing better than making people happy, is making them pay money to make them happy and that is what the Brothers have done. They have personally made Harry Potter into their own personal cash cow. From the t-shirts, to the keychains, to the replica wands they are sucking the money right out of the consumers pocket. They have made everything single thing about the books into a way for them to get even richer!

If you do not believe me trying going to the Warner Brothers in London and try buying one of the chocolate frogs. At a whopping twelve pounds each they are making margins in the triple figures; now that is cash money.

They have also made the experiences personal to the consumer to make them pay even more. Now because the sorting hat has told you belong in Gryffindor you now must rush to go grab your new school unis and robes.

On top of all of this they have the audacity to charge four pounds for a beer that does not even have any alcohol in it.  You try telling me that the Brothers are doing something good for society.


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