Marching With Pride In Edinburgh

Every year in the month of June a special group of people around the world host events to promote pride in their culture and advocate for their rights. This group of people is known collectively as the LGBTQ+ community. They are composed of individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and individuals who support them and advocate for their rights. During this June, like every other, massive gatherings occurred around the world in cities large and small. These gatherings typically are in the form of a march. A plethora of people come together to walk and display their pride in what is known as a Pride March. Some of the most notable pride marches are ones that happen in large progressive cities. The Los Angeles Pride March is one that most people are aware of. However, what most people including myself do not realize is that pride marches happen in places all around the world at different times throughout June and in cities you would not expect. This is why when I arrived in Edinburgh the last thing I expected was to wander into a Pride March.

During our first couple of hours in Edinburgh my friend Emily, my instructor Troy, and myself were walking down the Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s most popular street, when we started to notice groups of people dressed in vibrant colors making their way down to the end of the street. We stopped one of them and asked what was going on. He responded and told us that it was the Pride March and that it was going to be starting in 30 minutes. Personally, I was very excited as I had never seen a Pride March in person before. We made our way up the hill and found a good vantage point. Pretty soon there was a cheering crowd making their way up the street. I stepped up on a post and did my best to capture what I could. edi parade edits-5What immediately stood out was just the sheer amount of people and bright colors. After I got over those two things what I started noticing some of the messages the people were sharing.

The people were holding up signs with all sorts of messages that were advocating for specific areas of the LGBTQ+ community like Transexuals and Bisexuals. There were also messages that were promoting love in general. In addition to these specific messages, throughout the crowd, there was a feeling of happiness that was being spread amongst the marchers and the viewers. This can be seen in some of these images.
edi parade edits-12edi parade edits-21edi parade edits-24edi parade edits-25edi parade edits-14.jpgWhat I found really interesting was that on top of all the individuals with messages there were also brands getting involved and distributing messages of support. edi parade edits-8.jpgThis is interesting because it shows the progress the community has made now that big brands are no longer afraid to show their support like they used to be a while back. Above all of this what I found really quite beautiful was the general feeling of acceptance that was going around. People were able to openly display their love and it seemed like most everyone was happy for them.edi parade edits-27.jpg This Parade was most definitely a pleasant surprise and I’m glad that I was lucky enough to wander into the right area to experience it.

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