Dasheng’s bizarre adventure, part 1

Day 1:

After finish the group activity in Scotland, we have a 4 days holiday which everyone can plan their own trip in the next few days. Some of us choose to head to London, but I  planned to join a one day’s journey to Highland. The Highland is impressive, sometimes I am shocked by the vast field and giant continues mountains, and then the beautiful lakes and forest will lead you to a new world. The only things I hated about this trip is we spent 80 percent time on the bus. Besides that, the bus driver played the soft and relaxing Scottish music during the whole tour, so I fall asleep with the songs many times. When I waked up, I found we already came back to the city.  The worse thing was the air con of the hotel I booked doesn’t work.  I had asked the front desk many times, and they always answered me they would try to fix it. But the air con never worked until I left the hotel. The night of Edinburgh is pretty cold, so I get a cold that night. Considering the high price of this hotel, this night was the worst experience during the UK trip.


Day 2:

With the terrible health condition, I took the train to London. The speed was not very quick but considering the view of the train is fantastic, I even except the time on the train can be longer. We go through the small town, wide field, green farm and the sea. This is the most beautiful train line I have ever experienced in my life. I meet my primary school’s friend at King’s Cross station, We haven’t seen each other for 10 years. We visited the British Museum together and then planned the trip to Seven sister cliff. Because our hotel is pretty close to London Tower Bridge, I took many good photos of London’s night view, but…you will know why I can’t show you these photos in my next blog.



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