The Harry Potter Experience From a Non-Fan’s Perspective

PSA: I’ve only seen the last movie — By: Bridget Bartos

Today we were honored with a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio where they hold the Harry Potter Experience. A majority of the group was ecstatic about the journey to see all of the real sets, props, animatronics, green screens, etc. from the eight movie series. I’m going to be honest here, I really do not enjoy Harry Potter. I never understood the hype around the fantasy world of wizards and creatures, and never even finished reading the first book (and I have and always will love reading). I have only seen about half of the Chamber of Secrets, but was deterred from finishing the movie series after watching a scene of Ron throwing up slugs (I literally had nightmares about it). I then was talked into seeing the last movies, Deathly Hollows part 1 and 2, in theaters with my middle school friends, because what else was there to do in middle school. Even after the last two, I just wasn’t convinced of the movies’ greatness.

So I was not as excited about the day as the others going into the tour. However I know enough about the series to know that this is an awesome experience to have, and I would say that my opinion on Harry Potter has changed for the better. There was so much thought and effort put into the behind the scenes stuff for this movie it blew my mind, from sound, to costumes, to graphic design, to food, to art, to whatever your mind can imagine. It was insane how detailed even the smallest prop was.

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I also have never asked so many questions about something in my entire life. Every single movie set was detailed and beautiful, but I knew nothing about them. Fortunately my friends here were tolerant of my many curiosities. It was strange not knowing what was going on throughout the tour. I did not feel remotely connected to the tour until the end…

Seeing the model of Hogwarts was indescribable. The finest details were placed in the smallest places, and it was beautiful to be able to see where the whole world that I have heard so much buzz about took place. Maybe I will become a Harry Potter fan, just 10 years later than everyone else.




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