The Last Good Story?

Harry Potter has had a bigger impact on the work than J.K Rowling could have ever imagined. It has connected every corner of the globe by bringing people out of the real world and into a world of witchcraft and wizardry. The studios at Warner Brothers Studios in London have preserved the sets and props from the Harry Potter movies so that fans from all over the world can go back to their childhood and their good times at Hogwarts. What this massive studio is really celebrating however is the affect a good story can have on people. Harry Potter is complex, with new information and storylines being added with every book. But it’s also simple, exploring ideas like friendship, bravery, and belonging. It’s where these two ideas of complexity and simplicity meet that a good story is formed.

Harry Potter3

A story like Harry Potter not only has the potential to make millions of dollars, but it’s also able to teach life lessons, and inspire generations to come. As we left the exhibit today some friends and I were talking about how Harry Potter very well might be the last story spread across the world in such an intense way. Kids don’t read books anymore like we used to. The accessibility of technology has reached younger and younger children till books seem like just a waste of time. It’s such a shame that this new era won’t get to experience what we got to experience.

Harry Potter2

But I hope my predictions are wrong. I hope that stories like Harry Potter continue to bring us together and people find themselves lost in a book that is just too good to put down. Because sometimes we all need to get away from this world for a few pages.


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