Touching the memories

Harry Potter series to me is more than just a series of novel, I think it is a key that leading me to fantasy world when I was child. My first touch of Harry potter was a DVD of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I still could recall the time when I saw those dark creatures and dark magic at the first time. I was insomnia for a week. However, I became a fan of Harry Potter series by watching the movie again and again. The magic sparks on the top of wand, the flying Broomstick, and the understanding of love and evil. Every frame attracted me and made me eager to wish know more. 

Therefore, I bought the Harry Potter series novel after watching entire serious of movie. The Harry Potter is also the first novel in English. It was full of challenge though due to that I was in high school, still I read so many details that did not covered by movies. After watching and reading, and review these years, I can tell that I grow up with the Harry Potter series.


And today, we went to the Warner Bros. Studio, and we had a tour about this studio where filmed most part of Harry Potter series. I have to say that this is the best moment I had for this entire trip. Today’s morning I was little bit stressful about homesick, but once I jumped off the bus and stepped into the studio, all the upsets were disappeared. In this Studio I could remember all of props, senses, and elements in movies. Moreover. I could see how did they filmed the movie and what did they do in order to make things look real. While having the tour, the old meritorious that I watching the movie in loving room in my childhood came up to my mind. Those days were so unforgettable and I could not believe that it has been 15 years.


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