Dasheng’s bizarre adventure, part 2

day 3

Thanks for the beautiful night view of our hotel. My friend, Peter and I took the photos until 2 P.M. and then we missed the morning train to Brighton. We finally caught the train on 10 in the morning and arrived at the beautiful city at 11. This city is a typical sea city, blue sky, vast sea, and cobblestone beach. Yes, the beach there is not sand, is formed by cobblestone. And one more important things is careful with your fish and chips. Don’t eat them outside because then seagull will attack you and grab your food. Don’t ask me why I know about it.


We finally take the bus to seven sisters white cliff. It is called this name because there are seven cliffs there, that’s it(So Why they don’t call them seven brothers cliff). After arriving at the bus stop, you still need to walk through a farm for about one hour to reach the beach. Now there is the problem. There are four routines to visit the cliff. One is climbing to the next cliff the see the whole seven sister cliff. The other is walking to the beach to see the cliff. The third is climbing to the top of the white cliff. The choice of mine is ‘I want all of them.’ Yeah, I took all of 3 routines, and the good news is I get many good pictures. The bad news is my new shoes gets a hole because of I the terrible road. However, it still a nice trip. It’s great to see my old friend and visit such beautiful sightseeing.

I caught the last train back to London, and I am super tired of the trip after I arrived flat in London. Staying close to Waterloo station is excellent. Comparing to the old city area, I prefer the new area since it is more lively and convenience.


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