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Tiger Tiger Club- By: Tiara Terry

Before coming abroad, I envisioned myself going out almost every night having the time of my life. Well let me tell you, it has been the complete opposite! A lot of days I have every intention of going out, but by time we make it home, I be so exhausted and decide to stay home to prepare for the next day. Thus far, I’ve only went out about three times.

Since turning 21, I’ve actually slowed down on drinking and partying, I love doing more adventurous activities so, partying has kind of taken a back burner. On Sunday, Ciara, Malaika and I decided to have a chill going out day. We went to Nando’s and did some souvenir shopping. While walking around the streets, we came across a club called, Tiger Tiger. We had nothing better to do, so we decided to check it out.

Tiger Tiger Club- By: Tiara Terry

Once security heard our accents, he asked where we were from. Because we were from out of town, he decided to let us in free! We definitely made the right choice. The club was so big and lavish. We picked a great night to be there because the was a Columbian themed party going on to celebrate the World Cup! People were dressed in yellow and Colombian music was being played. It was fun to experience a different culture and to see people in their own environment. Because we didn’t know most of the music, we didn’t do much dancing, but I’m glad we went out and experienced something new.

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