Is It Worth It? – Warner Bros Studio Tour (Harry Potter)



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Yes was the short answer. The longer answer is “Absolutely yes.” I love film (that should be no secret) and the chance to see an actual film set (although converted to a museum at this point) was awesome. There were entire rooms and sections dedicated to every part of the filmmaking process from start to finish. If you are a harry potter fan, a fan of film in general, or just like movies (or even if you don’t like movies) you should definitely go on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour if you’re ever in London it is well worth every penny.

This tour not only gave a lively look inside what it was like to make these films over years, it went in depth into the art of filmmaking from every angle as well as the story of what it was like for the same cast and crew to work with each other for years at a time on movie after movie. I don’t want to reveal much more lest I spoil the fun for you!

It may also be important to note that we had a member of the group who had only seen two of the movies and even they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This is not just a Harry Potter exhibit but a showcase of working on a big budget international blockbuster film!

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