It was a long day…


by Malaika Allen

Today has been a particularly long, hot, and tiring day.

We started with a trip to Hyde Park (yes, again). Instead of wondering around with no goal in mind and taking in all the beauty of the nature, animals, and people enjoying their day we had a mission. Our first stop was the Peter Pan statue located inside the park. It is a bronze statue with Peter raised up, with fairies and cuddly animals below. It turns out the creator of Peter Pan lived right across from Hyde Park, so that could have influenced some of the inspiration behind a location or two.

Peter Pan Statue

From there we went on to see Christo’s sculpture on the Serpentine. So, in the middle of the water there were a number of barrels floating in the shape of an old Egyptian tomb. When we were here a few weeks ago we saw them building it, so it is interesting to see what the final product turned out to be.

Last but not least, we worked our way around the park until we found Speaker’s Corner. Basically, it used to be a place for executions and before they carried them out they allowed for people to say their last words. Over the years it became a place of free speech, where anyone can say anything (as long as it is not harmful to someone else) without worry about prosecution. This is also where the “soap box” comes from when people start preaching on about something. Today was fairly hot so nobody was up on their soapbox on this this corner.

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