I’ve never read the book or seen the movies.

I’ve never been a fan of Harry Potter but being in the the UK it’s all around me. Unbeknownst, the movie and film took place and started in the UK. There is so much history here and so many fans. I have always knew how big of an influence Harry Potter has had around the world, but being in the environment is very different. All of my classmates are huge fans of Harry Potter. Emily read all the books in ONE month and Courtney, don’t get me started with her! She has read the books more than twice, paid a nice amount of money for a HP show, knows all the facts and history and almost lost her marbles in the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour! When I was in Edinburgh, I went to visit the JKR hand print, saw the Elephant House where the writing of the book took place and even went to the historic cemetery where some of the character names originally came from. The cemetery was very historic. Most of the head stones were very large and the writing was barely legible.The cemetery was a popular site among tourist. I must say that it did creep me out. A lot of stone had the “Angel of Death” guarding it which is a Skelton face.

For our last week in London and here of my study away we have a pretty busy week. Today, like stated above we toured WB Studios of Happy Potter and it was interesting.

I must say that I did learn a lot that I did not know and the tour had everything real from the wardrobe, to sets, to beds and wands, EVERYTHING. Any normal fan would have loved that tour and thought of it as the best thing ever. Myself on the other hand enjoyed the museum but because I have not seen the movies it meant little vault to me and I did not have much appreciation for it.

Nonetheless, the tour was cool and I encourage fans to check it out. 🙂

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