Married Men and Free Food

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My Old Dutch Website

Over the course of our four day vacation, Malaika and I decided to stay and London and just take some down time for ourselves. Since the start of the trip, we’ve been going non-stop; early mornings, daily walking and late nights. After four weeks it finally caught up to us, so we spent these four days sleeping and catching up on any TV shows we may have missed.

We couldn’t just let all of our free time go to waste, so on the third day, we started our day by trying a new breakfast restaurant called, My Old Dutch. I was attracted to this restaurant because they offer more than just the average pancakes and waffles; they offer a wide variety of toppings for them such as ice cream, candy, cereal, etc.

Once we make it to the restaurant, two men walk in behind us. Our waiter take us to our table, and for some odd reason, these two men sit down at our table as well. Malaika and I are not rude, so we go with the flow. The men were very friendly, talkative and a bit flirty. I instantly got the indication that they may have been a bit intoxicated. We were in over our heads. In the midst of having conversing, I notice that both men have on wedding rings. I pointed them out before things got too far and they admitted that they were married and were in town just enjoying their free time. It got a bit weird when we learned that one was 32 and his friend was 36. It got even worse when one of the men started rapping DMX lyrics out loud. The people around us were definitely not happy.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes- By: Tiara Terry

Other than that, the conversation was great! The food came and it turned out to be more of a crepe, not pancakes. I decided to get the apple cinnamon flavored pancakes with vanilla ice cream. I was a bit disappointed because after eating, I was not full.

Everything played in our favor because these nice gentlemen decided to pay for our food which was great, but we ended up sitting there for another 20 minutes because they loved to talk. It was getting a bit awkward for Malaika and I because we were ready to go but we didn’t want to be rude. Luckily, after a while, they felt our vibe and knew we were ready to go. It was a very weird, interesting and funny experience. We definitely learned a lot more about London and the culture through the conversation which is always a plus.

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