Parks, Museums, and Stories

Parks, Museums, and Stories- By Courtney Kellogg

Each day this week. we will all be up early to make sure that we have a full day of activities to do in London. Today, we started our Tuesday morning off with a tube ride to Hyde Park. As the hot sun beat down on us, we headed into the park and traveled to the Peter Pan Statue. Our professor, Sue Carter, had us research the history behind J.M. Barrie and his inspiration for the story which made us appreciate the statue more. We then headed over to floating sculpture called The Mastaba. This sculpture lays in the Serpentine Lake and was created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The gigantic sculpture is all made out of painted oil barrels! Our last stop was at Speaker’s Corner which plays a big part for London and its’ public speaking. We learned that years ago the area was used for criminals’ final words before they were put to death.

We grabbed a quick lunch, then headed over to our Accent lecture room to hear from Trish Chilton who discussed with us about storytelling. Trish asked us what challenges  we had about storytelling and then had us go through some “improvisation games” to get our minds flowing. We went through a couple exercises that helped us create a story together and think on our feet. The games reminded me of my times in high school drama classes! We all had a great time with Trish and were so thankful that she had us up and moving.

Ceiling of National Gallery (Courtney Kellogg)


After our class, a couple friends and I headed over to The National Gallery. We were able to see paintings done by Monet, Vincent van Gough, and many more. It was so exciting to see paintings that I had seen in pictures in real life! The gallery seemed like it never ended because there were so many rooms. We wanted to keep going but after a while it was time to head back!

Drawing from a Children’s Gallery in National Gallery (Courtney Kellogg)


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