Scotland’s Fashion

We I first got to Scotland, I knew I would love it there. Scotland is a commonly known among people in the United States. I was so exciting to be visiting the city on my tour around the United Kingdom. My first expression of Scotland were all the slopes that I had to walk up and how majority of the streets and side walks are not just pavement but brick trails which made it very hard to pull my luggage up.

Scotland has a lot to offer from mountain hikes, museums, many dessert places, history and fashion of course. While walking around, I was shocked to see how many people wore kilts, men as well. I know that Kilts are a major part of their culture, but to be there and to see how comfortable big, tall men were wearing them made it surreal. I grew to appreciate the culture and their value of the kilt clothing.


Kilts are made of 8-yards of fabric and wrapped around the waist.  Kilts were originally made for formal occasions and for sporting events but recently, became a part of men’s everyday fashion. In North America, we use kilt fashion in many of different ways. Many uniform designs for school are made from impressions of the Kilt.

The kilt fashion is very popular in Scotland and when you see it, most know that it’s a Scotland “thing”. In the fashion world, I think it’s important to have an iconic piece that symbolizes every state or city rather. Being a product of Detroit we are known for Cartier Buffs and Gator shoes. Cartier Buffs are high-fashion glasses that are wired mostly by men in Detroit. They are stylish, clean looking and can be customized however a person wants. You can change the tint color, add diamonds throughout the bands and more. Gators are what they sound like! Alligator shoes, usually worn in formal occasions by men. Popular people in the music industry who are from Detroit, are known for wearing Cartier Buffs are a representation of who they are and where they are from. Hip-Hop artist such as Big Sean, and Tee Grizzely, are known for wearing the glasses in music videos and on shows, putting on for the city.

Image result for cartier buffs detroit Image result for gators shoes detroit

Unlike Kilts that are associated with class, elegance and even the Royal Family; Cartier Buffs are commonly associated with violence in Detroit. The glasses are popular and expensive. Crime rates in previous years went up do to senseless killings and robberies over the Cartier frames. Some hip-hop artist with big platforms resorted to not wearing the glasses to decrease the chance of getting harmed over them.

Along with fashion, I appreciated most the culture value that Scotland took on in their museums. During our second day in Scotland we visited the National Museum of Scotland. Rated one of the top museums in the world, the museum held sufficient pieces of history and culture. There was so much to see and learn about. There I learned how many inventions came from Scotland and how North America has adopted most of them and many of the inventions are commonly used in our everyday life.

From telephones, to steamboats, first English textbook on surgery, gas engines, road construction and more, so of the world’s first inventions were thought or and made in Scotland. Today, these inventions are commonly used in many households around the world. I thought that it was interesting to learn about the many inventions of the world. Scotland is an innovating world compared to home.


Another comparison that I made was the architecture in the building. In Scotland, the building looks as if they were built in the 1900’s. The colors were faded, the structure was built high, with point tops and in Detroit, many of our buildings are made in square, rectangular form.

Now that I have traveled around the world, I have realized how much more that my city is missing in culture perspectives. I wish that we had more museums, more tourist sites, more history about out city. When people visit Detroit, all that comes to mind is Ford Motor Company and Motown Music. I compared the cities by looking up on google different things to do in each city. When I looked up Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow, there were a bunch of things to in the city, a diverse selection. Looking up “things to do in Detroit” only basic things popped up. A couple museums, a park, many casinos and a few more things. Since I am from there, I know that a lot of those things are as special as they could be compared to the places of the cities in the United Kingdom. Currently, Downtown Detroit is being rebuilt and it is in the midst of becoming a better tourist site. The city of Detroit is up and coming on the rise of becoming greater. I am rooting for my city, I am a proud person of Detroit. Traveling the world has just allowed me to see things in a wider perspective and makes the world seem so big to me now. There is so much to see and learn about every city.

Being in Edinburgh and Scotland, I have learned so much and was able to take a piece of their culture back with me for the road. I appreciate that men are there true selfs when it comes to fashion, I appreciate the architecture, museums and the people. Filled on the streets of Scotland were street artist showcasing their talent. I witnessed portraits being drew live, a man balancing on a cylinder while juggling machetes, the lady with the most piercings in the world, people of stilts and such much more. Scotland streets are pure entertainment. Even the cemetery of Edinburgh was popular, being that it carried Harry Potter history. I enjoyed my time in Scotland and I can’t wait to my city is finished being rebuilt so that I can encourage my people back home to get out and stay active on the streets, making Detroit more fascinating and not associated with a bad reputation.

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