Seagull Assaults A Poor Hot Dog!

By Trevor Klaus

Over the long weekend, I decided to spend my time traveling around parts of England that were not included in the trip itinerary. These included Manchester, which I had previously visited, as well as some of the outskirts out London. However, the visit I will be talking about today is the one I took to the south coast city of Brighton.


I knew that the city was a popular beach destination within England, however I did not know much about the area beyond that. So, seeing as I wanted a day to explore without necessarily doing too much, Brighton seemed like the perfect area to explore for the day. We went around midday, so naturally, we were looking for food right when we got into the city. We settled on a local place near the water, and while the food was good, the service was not. There was no excuse for them to take nearly two hours to get all of our food to us. Simply inexcusable. Despite this, the vibes of the city were very positive, and as Courtney met us in Brighton, we looked towards the rest of our day.

There was one thing holding us back from beginning the rest of our day. Courtney still needed to eat. So as we headed towards the famous Brighton Palace Pier, she was looking for food and eventually settled on getting a hot dog from a local stand. I am sure the hot dog looked extremely appetizing for Courtney, as she had not eaten all day. However, just as she took the hot dog from the vendor, a dastardly seagull swooped in and took a bite out of the hot dog. The disappointment on her face was impossible not to notice. This again would not ruin our day, as she proceeded to eat the parts of the hot dog the seagull did not touch.


From there we went onto the pier, and what can I say other than it was a pretty bog-standard pier. It had an overpriced carnival on it as well, which provided Ryan and Courtney some fun as they rode the carousel. From there, it was time for Rohan and John to go swimming, which they did not seem to enjoy too much.

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