The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling -Anastasia Niforos

Today during class we had the opportunity to work with Trish Chilton who is a Speech Specialist and Language Therapist. She also is an amazing storyteller and teaches this to people with disabilities and non-native English speakers. She was an absolute ball and has us engaged for the full 90-minute class period.

She was very interactive and had us moving around the entire time. At the beginning of the class she, had us tell her our “Best Hopes,” for storytelling. The outlined the areas we wanted to improve in. She wrote this on a large piece of paper and hung it up in the front of the class. We also did a lot of improv storytelling, which I loved. She even brought out bubbles at one point and had us scurrying around trying to pop them. I felt like I was a little kid again. She ended up drawing on the points that she wrote on that large sheet at the end of class and I realized that we touched on a lot of it during the activities we did. She also asked us questions about the things written on the paper and had us discuss our best practices for each. Overall, the class was extremely productive and I loved Trish’s enthusiasm. She was incredible to work with.

After class, some of us decided to go to the National Gallery to check out the beautiful art displayed inside. As we approached the building, I could see that people were doing their own street art outside. There was a painting on the sidewalk of a portrait of a young woman in black and white. It was stunning and it looked so real. Her eyes were sparkling and she had this determined look on her face.


As I continued to walk around I saw a man sitting on the ground making rings. In front of him was a blanket with at least a 100 rings that he had made. I looked down to see a sign next to it that said, “HANDMADE RINGS FREE.” Free? I thought it was crazy at first, but as my eyes moved down on the poster a strong messaged appeared that gave me understanding. I picked out two for myself and left the man a donation.

Storytelling is an art and art tells stories. Art and stories are all around us, sometimes we just have to pay attention a little more to get the real message behind them.

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