The Final Explorations

By: Bridget Bartos

Today was a busy day! 

We began the day revisiting Hyde Park, which is one of the bigger parks in London. Instead of doing it for leisure like we did on the vacation, we visited for the history. 

Sue had us begin the tour at the edge of the park where the Peter Pan Statue was located. Here we spoke of the history of Peter Pan, which was based around Hyde Park in London. The history of Peter Pan is actually quite depressing. The authors brother died at the young age of 6 from a skating accident. After his mother grieved over his dead brother, he became afraid to leave childhood. He then married without any children, and stumbled upon a family of boys. These boys eventually became his own when their parents last away, but also did not turn out very well. Two died and one collies suicide, sadly. This lead up to the “lost boys” in his fantasy world. 

Next we headed to the art of . They are famous for their abstract art that doesn’t have any meaning, except to please. When we were at Hyde park on the vacation we had no clue what this was, but going back and seeing it was much more interesting. The sculpture is made of oil barrels and is supposed to be a model of the catacombs. \

Our last stop of the say was the Speakers Corner, the most free speech that you can get. Back a few hundreds years ago, this was used as a public place for hangings. Now it is a leader of free speech as long as theirs no profanity. 


After sushi for lunch we got a talk from a professional storyteller. Trish taught us that we actually do know how to tell stories well. It just takes practice and dedication.

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