Today has been cancelled

Well it should have been. As you know, we begin our five week study abroad in London, United Kingdom. During the first week, I made myself an intinery for London which included all of the hot spots like Piccadilly Circus, London Eye, Hyde Park, the British Museum, National Gallery Museum and much more.

Today, we visited Hyde Park to see the Peter Pan statue and to see Speaker’s Corner, a place where people stood 250 years ago to give speeches and gather people to inform. This spot in the park was very popular decades ago, but today it’s just open ground. I thought this field trip with my group and teacher was very pointless. I woke up at 8 a.m. anticipating much more of a day but, instead it really was just a stroll in the park to see two small things.


In my first week in London, I visited Hyde Park a total of three times, once on a scavenger hunt and two times just to take a causal walk. The park is a beautiful scenery. Green trees everywhere, ducks swimming in the pond, dogs running through the park and it’s where the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is. I would describe the park as a perfect place for peace and a breath of fresh air. The Princess Diana Fountain is filled with kids, happily playing in the water enjoying life worry free.


We are down to our last week in London and I was expecting to go out with a bang! Reasons why I called this blog “Today has been cancelled”. I just felt my fourth time in Hyde Park was pointless. The day felt like just something to do and not a real plan or goal in mind. But hey, I got to put my feet in the Fountain and see dogs in the park. (:

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