Took a ride over to Hyde

By Ryan Gilbert

Today we took some time and went on a mid morning stroll through Hyde Park to see the recent Cristo art piece. We also saw lovely people, beautiful views, and perhaps the most important part of it all, many dogs along the way. As the trip wraps up I’m glad we got to slow down for a morning and just take in a bit more of what London has to offer. Yes it’s a bustling city of business and culture, but there’s also so much natural beauty in it as well. In fact, Hyde Park is what I pictured stereotypical London to be like before I began my trip over here. People chatting at small tables, couples going on walks, and kids splashing in fountains are all part of the view I pictured in my head while on the plane.

Hyde Park 2

I felt so relaxed seeing other people enjoying their day in London. Everyone in the park seemed happy with their lives which was extremely different than outside the park’s gates, where everyone is just trying to be somewhere else. People in the park were content, and that showed me for perhaps the first time on the trip, that people in a big city could be really genuinely happy with life. (I attribute most of that statement to the people who had dogs with them)

Hyde Park3

I’m certain that today’s walk will be one of the images that comes to mind when I think back to London. It won’t be the growling faces squished together on the tube, or the buses that completely disregard any pedestrian traffic, but it’ll be the warm sun and the green grass of Hyde Park.

Hyde Park1

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