What a Night for Football

Recently, World Cup is holding in Russia. It is a celebration of Football competition, and it is also a party belongs to the whole world. Maybe some people might never watch football game, but I doubt that no one never hear the name of World Cup. With the beginning of the games, I could see that more and more bars, pubs and restaurant post the posters, nations’ flags and bring the live stream of matches. Indeed, it is the event belongs to everyone.

Watching the game in my room

Today’s afternoon, I did not go anywhere but stayed in room for watching the match between Argentina with Nigeria. I became a fan of FC Barcelona and Leo Messi since 2012 when I was in high school, and I will deferentially support Argentina during the world cup without doubt. Four years ago I was so broken-hearted because Argentina lost in Final match against Germany. And this is the last time that Messi could win the World Cup. However, Argentina’s performance was a disaster at beginning, and if they could not win tonight, their journey in Russia is about end. Therefore, tonight’s match is on the verge of death or destruction for Argentina.

From in the leading, to tied each other, and to score another goal in the very end of match, with the fan around world, The ups and downs I experienced in 90 minutes was so exciting and thrilling. I guess that is the reason why football game is so attractive that people will shout and cheer for it. On Thursday, there will be a match between England and Belgium, I am not fan of both sides thought, I deferentially will find a bar and cheer with fans since I am right at England now!

Score and Celebrating (© Getty Images)

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