Whoa. The park has a lot of very good dogs!

It’s our first official day in London headed up by our new fearless leader Sue. Today we went around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, and later went to Accent to hear about Storytelling from Trish. Our time at the park was a very fun and leisurely welcome back to London, we went around to see the Peter Pan statue, Princess Diana memorial, and the Speaker’s Corner. As grand of a time as that was, one particular aspect of the outing peaked my interest…the excessive amount of good dogs. And I’m not talking about your average every day good dogs, these were very good dogs. Take a look at some below. (I’m aware that one of these photos features a squirrel but he was also so good that I couldn’t help but feature him in the section)

At Accent the lecture (that wasn’t really a traditional lecture but more of a hybrid workshop) was focused on storytelling. At the beginning of the class Trish asked us what we wanted to get out of the workshop, and then she modeled the rest of the workshop on that. A prominent facet we wished to improve upon was the ability to come up with stories and convey them in a sensible way. What ended up being a surprise to most of us was learning that we were all already capable of doing so. One of the most enjoyable activities we did as a group told a story in pieces. This activity began with having a couple of people blow bubbles into the air and everyone trying to catch the bubbles when Trish said the words “Go Green” we all had to freeze in the exact position we were in, we then would describe what we were holding (based on the position we and our hands were in). After that, we sat in a circle and went around creating a story person by person, each person has to use the thing they were “holding” in their addition to the story. The end result produced a (mostly) cohesive and sensible story! The biggest takeaway from the workshop was that we all tell stories every day and anyone can be a storyteller.

Trish the storytelling master.

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