Wizards and Wands!

Omg! I have been looking forward to this day for two weeks! We had the opportunity to visit the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio and I must say, it was nothing short of AMAZING!

After visiting Scotland and learning that not only was J.K. Rowling born and raised there, but that she also created Harry Potter there, it all began to make sense. When Harry Potter first came out, I was only five years old! I saw the first movie when I hit my teenage years. I was not much of a reader, so I did not read the books, but I really loved the movies! Being so young, I was unable to really understand how great the franchise really was and what the movies were really about. And now that I am older, I definitely want to go back and re-watch the movies.

I really enjoyed the tour because I really took a trip down memory lane to my childhood! Seeing the sets in person was really mind blowing because I was able to see how much effort, work and creativity were put into the sets alone. It really amazes me how creative J.K. Rowling is; it makes you wonder how one person could come up with such an elaborate idea and be able to perfectly execute it in real life! I could only imagine how much time and money went into the making of all eight movies. My favorite parts of the studio were the giant spiders, the dining hall, the life size Hogwarts model and the train.

I also loved that the studio was very interactive! You were able to ride a broom, take a trip inside the train, view the inside of Harry’s home, and so much more! The souvenir shop was amazing as well. They had a lot more items than I was expecting. I really wanted a wand but they were 30 pounds; it was a bit out of my budget, but it was an experience I will never forget. The photos and videos I have are more than a souvenir could ever offer.

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