Art, Coffee, and Avocado Toast

Views and Yums — By: Bridget Bartos

As many of you know, my favorite things are as listed above: art, coffee, and avocado toast. Throughout the trip I have been blessed to experience all of the above multiple times in multiple cities and multiple countries.

I’ll begin with the art section of this trip. Since day one I have been submerged in a world of alluring painting, graffiti, architecture, and more. One of the biggest highlights for me is the architecture. The buildings have an old money look to them, with extravagant windows and detail. Here’s a slide show of some of my favorite buildings:

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I also have been honored to see some famous and exquisite paintings by famous artists including Van Gogh and Monet. My appreciation for art has grown tremendously over the past few years, and I have become even more inspired after this trip. Here is my favorite artwork from the trip:

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Up next is coffee. Being a person that drinks multiple cups a day, I was eager to dive into my favorite caffeinated breakfast. I have been enjoying lattes here lately, as they do not have just coffee and cream like I have at home. Here are my favorite lattes of the trip thus far (or at least ones I have pics of, Costa coffee is quite good too!):

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Last but not least, my ultimate favorite of Avocado Toast. I could eat this meal everyday of my life and be content, and pretty much do. Here, they like their avocado toast with poached eggs which was something much different from I am used to. It surprised me though, and is actually quite delicious. SO, here’s my favorite toast (the other ones are video files that don’t fit in here):


Up next: Dinner at my dream restaurant…Sketch London

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