Class 2x


by Malaika Allen

Today was a class day. We spent our day inside the Accent house where we had two different speakers.

We started with Nadeem, who is a freelance journalist. He has been in the business for about twelve years and talked a lot about the newspapers and where they are headed. As many know print news has been declining drastically since the age of the internet. With social media and smartphones making it as easy as ever to receive news there is little need to go out and buy papers. Especially, since consumers can go directly for the stories they want to read and don’t have to look through half a paper to find what they are interested in. In the United Kingdom the newspapers are not as liberal is it in the United States. They have many right-winged papers, one independent, and just a few left-winged papers. Moral of the story is that everything is turning digital and they are going to have to find a way to deal with that quickly.

After that we got about an hour and a half for lunch. I decided to stray away from the group and head right down the street to a coffee shop called, Gail’s. The food was pretty good and it helped I didn’t have to walk ten minutes back to class.

We arrived back in the classroom just to find out the speaker was actually coming an hour after the time we were expecting him.

When he finally arrived he showed us a lot of political cartoons he had done over the years. He talked about how nothing he was drawing was new, but people still hated him and even sent death threats over some of these things. Basically, people get mad at the messenger, instead of the person who is actually saying and doing these things. Today, was a very long and informative day.

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