Coffee across a Continent

In Europe, I have had the grand opportunity to visit 6(ish) different countries: England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. This brings my current count of countries visited (aside from the good ol’ US of A) to 7 as well as two out of seven continents covered (the 7th country is Canada). In every country I’ve visited I’ve made a point of finding some kind of local coffee shop, so forget Starbucks (a chain that I would argue produces coffee worse than the Tesco instant coffee I’ve been having on this trip, but hey to each his own), Tim Hortons, and Caffe Nero (the “Italian” coffee company started and headquartered in England), we’re going for only your local snobby coffee aficionado shops.

I will admit…I honestly do not remember the name or even general location of any of the places I’ve visited, because to me most all coffee is good (yes, even church coffee; and no, not Starbucks). But, after getting back from Italy (a place where literally all the coffee everywhere is the best coffee no matter what) I struggled to find a coffee place that compared. Then came Chealsons Coffee, a black cab turned into a coffee shop. I just swung by and grabbed a shot of espresso, and to the best of my recollection, this is the only espresso I’ve had on this trip that may compare to Italy. Going back a second day in a row only proved further that the coffee sold at this stand is some very fine coffee. To anyone in the London area looking for a good hot cup o’ joe, go to the BFI Imax and look around for the black cab labeled “Chealsons Coffee”, I promise you will not be disappointed.



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