Doing nothing in Brighton

By Ryan Gilbert

The U.K often has reputation of gray skies and forecast of rain. But there are a couple areas of the island where the weather can be warm and sunny. Just a quick train ride south and you can go from the misty hills of Edinburgh to the blue beaches of Brighton. Once I stepped off the train I was transported back in time to an era of boardwalks, carnival rides, and fried food on sticks. It didn’t seem like England at all, more like the Jersey Shore from some movie in the 80’s.


My group and I went to the beach first, which to our surprise was made of rocks instead of sand. We had been blessed with the soft sand beaches of Michigan our whole lives, but we still appreciated the warm rocks and the beautiful blue ocean. After days on bus tours, exploring castles, and climbing cliff sides, we were all very much ready for a day of doing nothing. So that’s what we did.


We had one of the most unproductive days yet and it was magical. We laid on the beach, then ate, then laid on the beach again, then ate some more. By that time we had used up about six hours and were ready for the journey back to London. But when I think back to my trip years down the line, I think I’ll remember my day in Brighton doing nothing with more clarity than a day of travel and exhaustion. Good friends, hot sun, tasty food, I mean what more could you ask for?


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