From Game, to Reality

When I travel around, I always would like to go somewhere where been showed in movies, anime, or games. Specifically, I always would like to go the exact same position \where been showed in those art works to see how did the story happened in that film or game. This sort of activity originated in Japan from Japanese Anime fans which called “Seichi Junrei” (Japanese: 聖地巡礼), which is “that involves visiting the actual locations that anime series are set in”. When I traveled in Japan last year, I took plenty of photos in different places where had been showed in Japanese anime. And I have to say that it was quite interesting when I go to that place and image how did the story happens in such place.

This time, when I arrived in London at first time, I decided to do another “Seichi Junrei” again. One of my favriout video game “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate” was set 1868’s London as stage. In the game, player could explore and appreciate London in Victorian era, which was nearly 200 years ago. It is quite amazing that how did London changes in these two centuries. Still, there are so many landmarks in Victorian era that been protected till today. Therefore I came up the idea that take the photographs those landmarks both from game and reality in same location, same angle.

Finding a good location was not easy since the world in game is difference from the modern London. Therefore, I took some screenshots from the game in several possible locations, and then I went to the exact place and checked which locations was good for photo taking. Next I took some photos around the landmark in real life, then back to the Game world and see if I could find the location I took the photo and screenshot again. Finally, after composing them together in Photoshop, a picture of “”Seichi Junrei” is complected.

It is harder than I thought, still it was a fantastic experience that I could see the development of London in 200 years. Next time when I play this game again and see those landmarks, I could say to my friends that “I’ve been there before!”

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