I’ll miss you food

I have been eating so good since I have been traveling throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. I am small framed girl, but I can eat! The food throughout the country has been so delicious and what I love most about being out here is the huge price difference in meals. Though euros and pounds are worth more than United States Dollar, the money over here stretches way more when it comes to food. And if you are like most, eating three times a day with snacks in between will add up to a pretty penny. Over here you can find so many meals, COMPLETE meals for $5-$13 and it is so worth it.

$7 for all at Bar
Ribs, Mac and cheese and corn on cob for $11 @ Smokin Bones in Dublin
12-15 wings for $7 compared to at home this meal would have been over $15 

While traveling throughout the UK, I found and fell in love with Nando’s! A place originated from South Africa. If you like spice and chicken this is the place for you. I have visited this place so many times, they gave me a Nando’s reward card. I have fell head-over-hills, it’s a very popular place in the UK but back home in the States, there are only two; one in Washington and one in Chicago.

Nando’s meal with Medium flavor sauce. $11.45

Along with food being cheap in restaurants, bars, cafe, they have a lot of street food vendors who sells really nice meals for cheap as well. Some of my favorite spots since being here includes: Nando’s, BFC Chicken, Shack Shake, Bright’s, Ed’s Easy Diner, and so much more. The supermarkets are easy a nice clean up place if you like to cook and not eat out so much. With the UK food being more naturally made and less processed than the States makes the guilty pleasure of eating all this even better!

Disclaimer: I eat my food so fast due to the taste that I do not take a lot of pictures. This is nothing compared to the large servings I have reserved for a very small price.

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