Le cordon bleu

Le cordon bleu -Anastasia Niforos

Today in between class I ate at Pomme de Pain which is a cute cafe located on Tottenham Court Rd. They had a variety of food to choose from. Crepes, omelets, sandwiches, French galettes, and croissants. It was the perfect pick me up in the early afternoon. I stood staring at the menu for quite a bit trying to figure out what I wanted. There were too many delicious choices. First I thought I wanted an omelet, but I talked myself out of it because I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. The crepes looked delightful but I was hungry and didn’t think it would fill me up. My eyes continually scanned the menu over and over again until I saw exactly what I wanted, the Le cordon bleu. This was a sandwich with ham, cheese, and chicken on a baguette. My mouth started salivating at the thought of it and I quickly approached the cashier and placed my order.


As I sat down waiting I talked with my friends and chugged water. It’s been pretty hot this week so I was pretty thirsty. After waiting about seven minutes my beautiful baguette was placed in front of me on the table. It was toasted, cut in half and the bread was soft and a golden brown. I picked the first half up and took a big bit. The combination of ham, chicken, and cheese was incredible. All three blended wonderfully with one another. The cheese was gooey and the chicken and ham were cooked to perfection. I devoured the sandwich in five minutes because it was just that good. I walked to class with a smile on my face and a full stomach. What a morning.

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