Oh Jeez! More Stadiums? Really?

By Trevor Klaus

Yes! More stadiums! I will jam his topic down your throat one way or another, so it is in your best interest that it is done peacefully. Well, you might be asking which run of the mill stadiums are in question at this point, and really how much different can they be from any other ones I’ve mentioned at this point? The answer to the first question is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium and Wembley Stadium.

Each of these stadiums house their own unique histories within London, England, and the world as a whole. To begin with the Queen Elizabeth stadium, the history of the site lies entirely within recent times, as the facilities in the area were constructed for the 2012 Olympics Games. While the area also houses a bmx track, and a swimming center, the stadium housed football as well as track and field events in the games, and was also used for the opening ceremonies of the games. Afterwards, the stadium was converted to be used solely for football, and is now housed by London club West Ham United. While the stadium has yet to come close to hosting anything quite as significant as the Olympics since, the future of the site is bright with all of the modern facilities it houses, as well as its location. This excellent layout of the site allowed for the group going to see it on the day to view England’s World Cup game against Panama in a plaza outside the stadium.

The other stadium in question today is the infamous Wembley Stadium, which is home to many different types of events. The stadium is also more modern, opening in 2006 to replace the old Wembley Stadium which occupied the same site. The stadiums main use is again for football, as it is the home of the England national team. The stadium also temporarily housed Tottenham Hotspur while their new stadium was being constructed up until the end of the 2017-18 season. The venue has also played host to many notable concerts, such as the recent concert of Taylor Swift. The venue is also the largest stadium in the United Kingdom, and is among the largest in the world. This stadium has more of an established presence than the Queen Elizabeth stadium, and it shows no signs of losing that presence any time soon.

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