R.I.P my photos and Harry Potter experience

After 4 days trip. I finally return to London. The new apartment located at Waterloo, pretty close to London King’s college. We visited Harry Potter experience on Monday afternoon. Seriously, I watched this series film many years ago, so I almost forget the storyline of it. Harry Potter is a precious childhood memory for many people from all around the world. No wonder I can see someone is so excited that even cry out. I am not a fan of novel and film, but who doesn’t love Hermione?The experience brings us the scenes in the book and film, which reminds me of many plots I watched before.  When I was a child, I don’t understand the story of the movie very much. Also, the film deleted too many details. So that’s hard for me, who never read the novel before to understand. Some episodes, like The Philosopher’s StoneThe Prisoner of Azkaban and The Half-Blood Prince are too unfriendly to the new audience like me. However, I still love the magical world that JK Rowling created for us. And the design of the museum is pretty faithful to the original novel and film.

The experience was pretty enjoyable until I format the SD card of my camera. The Sony’s camera is stupid when you switch a memory card to another camera, it always asks you to format the SD cards. I press the Yes button by accident, and then the camera wipes all the photos I took these days. Including the picture of seven sister cliff and London’s night which I spend the whole night to get them. Because of that, I lose my interest in experiencing. I only want to get back flat as soon as I can and check how many photos I can still recover.

The result is not so bad. I lost all the raw format photo but still get some JPG in google drive. But all the 4k videos and RAW images are disappearing forever.  If you want to buy a Sony camera, do not switch the SD card!.

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