By: Emily Lovasz

I bet you’re wondering by reading the headline to this blog post how Bridget and I saw the Queen. I will get to that in a minute. First, let me back up and tell you about how our four day vacation began.

It is now the last week of our trip and last Wednesday through Sunday, we had a break in our travels to do whatever we wanted. Some people went to Paris, Italy or just returned to London. Five of us set out from Edinburgh on Wednesday morning on a 12-hour bus tour of the Scottish Highlands. The tour took us up through the Cairngorms National ParkCairngorms National Park up to Inverness and then started our way back down to Loch Ness. Here some people went on a boat tour while our group ate in a town nearby and took pictures of the Loch from the shore.


Continuing south, we passed a few other lochs and and then stopped at Glencoe, a range of mountains and hills in the countryside. For our final stop before returning to Edinburgh, we got to feed highland cows! They were so calm and let you feed them carrots right out of your hand!


After returning to Edinburgh, the five of us took a late train to Manchester where we met up with another member of the group and stayed the night. All day Thursday we spent the day walking around and exploring the city. We walked through art markets and small shops and ended the afternoon at a cat cafe. We had unlimited tea and coffee and got to pet all of the adorable cats that roamed around the cafe. To end the day, we ate street food from a small market in an open square in the city. Then we took the train back to London.


Now the part you have been waiting for: how Bridget and I saw the Queen.

On Friday morning Bridget and I ventured to Windsor for the day. Here we toured Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were married a little over a month ago. Bridget and I were fangirling to say the least about getting to see where the Royal Wedding took place.


At the end of our tour of the castle, there were a lot of people gathered at the black iron fence blocking off the courtyard of the castle. There was a line of black cars at the other end of the courtyard and guards stood by the doors. We asked an employee in the gift shop what people were waiting for and she said the Queen will be coming out at half past one. We ran to the fence and saw people walking out of the door to the cars in long dresses and hats. Then, the cars started driving and the Royal flag started blowing in the wind. As the car got closer, the Queen waved out the window and the car turned through the archway and out of the courtyard.

We did a lot of interesting things and saw quite a few places during our break, but seeing the Queen was probably one of the coolest experiences out of everything we did.

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