A Trip to Cambridge


by Malaika Allen

Today was a fairly short day. We got up early to hop on a train to take us to Cambridge University.

I did learn something today that I never actually thought about before. Cambridge University is actually made up of multiple smaller colleges. I never thought about it, but that’s how ours is broken up, the only difference is that it does not have a completely different name. Also, a majority of the buildings are right with one another, but its all one little community.

We walked through the courtyard of Emmanuel College. Apparently, students here are given weekly readings and meet with a tutor once a week. I don’t know about everybody else, but the completely self-disciplined way of learning is not something I would be good at. Either way the courtyard was beautiful and joined with a gorgeous path filled with flowers and a waterfall. It was a nice break from the castles (we see one tomorrow).


For lunch we went to the market. This was a collection of street vendors, which sold almost anything you could think of. Some of the sold food (Chinese, African, Mediterranean, and everything in between) and others sold products. Some of those products included: jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, music, and even a place with figures made of metal. The prices were really nice and the quality of the products looked amazing.

Before lunch we did go on a boat ride around, which was very nice and relaxing. We got to see some more of the college and rest on a warm and sunny day. Today had a much needed relaxation break.


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