Cambridge Market

Cambridge Market -Anastasia Niforos

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Cambridge University, which was absolutely beautiful. The campus was huge and very spread out. My group and I ended up going to the market square which was filled with many restaurants and shops. In the center of the square was a cute market that reminded me a lot of the farmers market in my neighborhood back home.

Everything was under white tents and the way the market was set formed several different aisles that I was able to walk through. There was a ton of different things being sold. Food, clothing, electronics, accessories, etc. I really enjoyed walking through the market because it felt like I was back home. There is a huge farmers market located in Logan Square where I live. There is a variety of foods sold there and sometimes people have yard sales.

The market located in the square was a little different than the one from home, but it still felt great to walk through. I slowly passed each tent and admired the delicious fruit in front of me or looked at an assortment of pastries. I think it’s stuff like this that can bring people together. It is allowing people to see what you have to offer and with that people are able to try different things. Or buy something from the market and have a memory linked to it. I also loved the fact that I was in another country and something like a market reminded me of being home.


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