Eiffel in love with the city!


Get it? Eiffel, [I fell].

For my four day vacation away from the United Kingdom, I chose to go to Paris, France. I had to beg my mom to agree to me going due to me traveling alone, to a city that I have never been to. Being a mother, she was worried about any and everything. Before booking my trip, I was suppose to go with three friends who at the last minute made other plans, but, I still felt the need to carry out my plan for Paris. Tickets leaving from the United Kingdom by flight were under $200 and bus travel was amazing 18 euros there and 35 euros back. I knew I would not come close to a better deal traveling from the States, if I would have waited.

I am so happy that it all worked out! My mom found a co-worker who had family of African descent who lived in Paris; they offered me housing, transportation and food. They were the perfect strangers to me. Before traveling to Paris, I made a to-do list for all the places that I wanted to visited, including Notre Dame, Louvre Musem, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, the Eiffel Tower and other tourist sites. I completed my list and more by having them as my host. I enjoyed great food while being there and overall, a great atmosphere. I took a tour on the Seine River that talked about the history of France, which was very informative and shocking at the same time. I had no idea that the Eiffel Tower was only meant to be built for a short period and that many Parisians were upset when it stayed in the city.

Louvre Museum, I made it all the way to the front to see the infamous Mona Lisa.
outside of the Louvre Museum!

My host, Mussa and Leka has lived in Paris for the past 12 years. Mussa went to the Universities De Paris and received two degrees from there, so he was the prefect guide around. On foot, we walked to different buildings, monuments and museums and he gave me insight on many of them. I was over joyed with my experience, it was really better than I expected! Paris is a beautiful city, with a host of people, museums, French signs without translation, delicious dessert and horrific traffic. I am very grateful for Mussa and Leka and my experience. I will forever remember every part of my trip. Another stamp in my passport and another check on my bucket list!

In front of Notre Dame
My amazing host, Leka and Mussa.


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