Some people don’t like photos

Today at Cambridge (both the town and the city) I tried my hand at some street photography. Now considering that I have a rather large and obvious camera, if I’m taking a picture of someone it becomes quote noticeable to them nearly immediately. Even though many people at most looked over and smiled, one person working their stall in the local market was none too pleased with my shenanigans and gave me a bit of a glare.

While in the town we also visited several colleges at Cambridge University. The buildings there were something astounding. At MSU we have many impressive structures such as Spartan Stadium, the Biomedical Physical Sciences Building, the Broad Art Museum, and even McDonel Hall. But nothing that I’ve seen on our campus quite compares to the old world beauty of the architecture at Cambridge. One of the most notable places we visited was King’s College Chapel, a very ornate and gorgeous chapel on the Cambridge University campus. Near every wall was covered in some of the most intricate stained-glass artwork I’ve ever seen, and the large pipe organ centerpiece was the focal point of the large cavernous space. As I’ve said in previous posts, much of this can be attributed to the history of the island these buildings are located on and the culture surrounding the decisions to keep these buildings standing. I’m very glad that this difference exists because it provides the world with some wonderful places to visit.

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