Taking Leave of Cambridge Again

Oxford University and Cambridge University are both excellent colleges in the UK, It is hard to select which one is better. They are famous all over the world, but in China, Cambridge has more reputation because one of the most writers in 20th century’s China,  Hsu Chih-mo studied there and leave his famous poem ‘Taking Leave of Cambridge Again‘. I studied this poem in my middle school textbook and I admit it is a good poem. However, I despise the morality of him. Hsu Chih-mo married his first wife, Zhang, You Yi in 1920 This was an arranged marriage that went against Xu’s belief in free and simple love. 1922, Xu meet Lu Xiaoman, who was married to Wang Geng, a friend of him, and then they fall in love. To married Lu, Xu forced his wife Zhang divorced with him and abandoned his own two kids. Even he had right to believe in freedom of love, he still can’t throw his family and responsibility away. The marriage of Lu and Xu was happy at first but it doesn’t last for a long time. Lu‘s lifestyle was pretty luxurious so Xu must teach in many colleges to feed his new family. Because of that, Xu rarely went back home, so Lu was unsatisfied with him. Whatever, Xu found his new love, Lin Huiyin again. He died because of the air accident, he took the flight to celebrate Lin’s birthday, what an ironic ending.

Lu Xiaoman and Hsu Chih-mo in Cambridge

Besides that story, Cambridge is a beautiful town. The river and old agriculture are really pretty there. Studying in such a great environment lets me envy the students there. However, I wonder how Cambridge student can focus on the study in such a noisy environment since there are tons of tourists every day. Maybe that’s the reason they can enter this world-famous college because they can study in all kinds of situation. I found many students ignore the noisy tourists and reading the book on the river bank. It has been a long time that I haven’t read the new book, so I also bought one in the local bookstore, hope I can finish it in one month.


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