Taste of Nostalgia

You never could find another place called home.

As an international student, travelling far away from home is common think in my daily life. After waving hand to my parents at the airport, I knew that it will be hard to come back and stay in my cozy room again. When I am abroad, the only thing that could reminds me most about home is the food.

Hot pot in Dublin

Just like what I did everyday when I was abroad, in this trip, every time when we move to another city, the first thing I will do is turn on google map and search “Chinese restaurant”. In those big cities such as London, Dublin or Edinburgh, I could always find somewhere plenty of Chinese restaurants gather together. Especially the Chinatown in London, where is located in in the City of Westminster, Soho area, is one of the biggest Chinese oversea’s community in world. In there, I could fine delicious food from all around China in different restaurant, and price was not expensive. Every time when I felt nowhere to go, I would go to the Chinatown and discover something new.

The Threshold of London Chinatown

As for small towns, spurious are also every where. When I was in the local market in Cambridge, I found a shop that sell Chinese savior crepe, or you can call it Chinese Pancake, which is a common snacks on the street in China. When I ordered the food and chatted with the cook, it was just like I was out of school and buying some snakes before go home when I was kid. The taste was good, and with it, was the thought of nostalgia. Wherever I go, I always would like to eat something from my home, because I know that in my heart, home never goes far.

The Chinese Pancake Shop in Cambridge

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