The Prestigious Cambridge

By Ryan Gilbert

America’s Ivy league schools have great reputations around the world. Harvard, Brown, and Yale all are respected and known as institutions of higher learning no matter where you go. But compared to the colleges in the U.K, the American Ivy league seems like high school. Today our group visited Cambridge and had the honor to tour some of its historic halls. Halls that were built by Kings as far back as Henry the Eighth, and the same halls where minds like Steven Hawking and Charles Darwin studied science and mathematics.


Compared to the ancient halls of Cambridge, American universities just don’t seem as, if I had to put it in one word, official. The environment seemed to scream knowledge at anyone who walked through it. In fact, I felt smarter just being there. But in all seriousness the views were amazing. Towering stone with stained glass lining the walls above the dark, rich wood that surrounded the tiled floors. It made me feel like I was in a palace, not a college. I can see why those that get accepted into Cambridge’s select few, know that they are entering into the experience of a lifetime.


The prestigious halls are suited for some, but for me I think I would rather take the good people at Michigan State University. Because while Cambridge gave me feelings of awe and reverence, it lacked the feeling of fun and comradery that MSU offers. Trips to schools like Cambridge, where the alumni have literally altered the course of human history, are interesting and important to go on. But no matter how prestigious a college may be, it can never replace home. Go Green.


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