This Isn’t A Church’s Chicken!

By Trevor Klaus

Upon going to Cambridge, a very prestigious college town I mind you, I was expecting to have a very prestigious experience at such a well regarded institution. This was initially confirmed, when I was told we would be visiting a church! This got me very excited inside, as I believed I was about to embark on a journey to one of the most succulent, and savory fried chicken establishments on planet Earth, Church’s Chicken. What my actual experience was, however, was something else entirely.

When we stumbled upon the majestic church of King’s College Cathedral, it is safe to say I was not expecting to see that. You see, when one expects fried chicken, one can only be disappointed when the experience received is not that of eating fried chicken. Despite the magnificent ancient artistry on display within the cathedral’s great walls, I was only left thinking how much better the experience would be with a piece of fried chicken in hand. And not just any fried chicken either, but Church’s fried chicken. I presumed one of two things had happened. Either I had been duped, or it was a simple misunderstanding.

Fortunately, the situation was just a misunderstanding, and I was able to move on with my day in Cambridge. We continued to tour the areas the famous university had to offer, including this garden, of which the name eludes me. Ultimately, it was pretty cool to see what some of the England’s smartest young adults get to see on a daily basis when studying at one of the country’s two most infamous institutions (the other being Oxford). However, again, there remained a sense of this could have definitely been better with some fried chicken.

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