Last Day (I’m not getting sentimental yet)

It was the last day and yes, this is a sad day.

From our morning lecture to the final outing on the London Eye, it never felt like the end. We started the day at a small cafe in Soho, a film distributor came to talk to us about what he does. Distribution is often a very forgotten portion of the film industry and though I’ve never had a film that needed distribution I too forget that this exists until someone brings it up. After this, we visited the Tower of London (a promise made by Troy on the first day and now that promise kept by Sue on our last). We’ve seen a lot of castles on this trip but one more was still very cool; plus this one had an awesome centerpiece, the crown jewels!


We then broke for the day and met up later at a restaurant by the London Eye for our final group dinner. The food was good by the company was great, it was odd because the fact that this was the end of our trip had finally started to sink in. We had a very heartfelt goodbye with Sue and there wasn’t a dry eye to be found. Sue departed from the group and we moved on to take a ride on the London Eye.

This trip up above the skyline shows the entirety of the city of London in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else. You can see the layout and the sprawl of the city, the different neighborhoods and sections but also where they meet and mix. London is truly a great place and unlike that of anywhere, I’ve ever seen.


A more sappy post is coming soon, stay tuned for the final final blog post.

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