Last day in London

This is the last day I stayed in the UK when I sit in Starbucks and write this blog, I feel time goes really quickly.  We traveled all the three islands of British and also learned many things about mass media. Seriously, I am a little tired right now, and it is time to go back home.36373188_644570369229826_8357145930037723136_o36503212_644570495896480_4010440684895993856_o

When I first time visited the UK, the only thing I heard about this country is awful food and terrible weather. However, I found the British are an exciting place during this one month’s trip. The historic agriculture, beautiful park and lively people. Which is more important is the cultural environment there. I always hang around on the old street in London. There are many books store,  antique shop, beautiful tea shop and you can see flowers everywhere. I always spend a half day to walk around the London without buying anything, just visit the store which I have interest in and look at all kinds of people walking on the street. London is one of the biggest cities in the world, but it is unlike New York or Chicago. In my opinion, the color of NYC is cold white, and Chicago is dark yellow. However, London is kind like a colorful painting with some dust on it. Yes, this city also has noisy traffic, dirty alley, and crowded subway. But it is still a city with the lively and historic environment, which cover its negative. 

I feel a little bit sad because the trip is ending. I count the days I came back home many times during the trip but when it actually ends, it is hard to describe my feeling. There is no endless trip around the world. I studied from many ‘strange’ places, meet many new friends and took many good pictures. I will keep this trip in my memory forever. Farewell London, and my friends.


(OMG why I feel so bad right now)

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