By Trevor Klaus

As this study abroad draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the experiences I have had throughout the past five weeks, as well as my travels before the trip. What may not be so evident though, is the fact that since this series of blogs will be concluding, so will the location based puns. This saddens me dearly, and I will be looking to fit as many of them into the rest of this blog as possible.

On to the actual meat and potatoes of this, today I visited the famous Tower of London with all of my colleagues on the trip. Its massive walls truly towered (get it?) over some of the surrounding areas, and the tower really stood out in comparison to local buildings. The tower is significantly older than most surrounding buildings, and thus houses a grand history, as well as some notable artifacts. These include many of the royal crowns of England, but it did not include any Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey. This was not specified before entering the room with the artifacts, and thus I simply had to presume that it would be related to the royal family, and not the whiskey.

From there it was time to write this here blog and finish packing for my return to the United States. While this is bittersweet, I would certainly Lon-do this trip all over again if I had the choice. You could say the trip went by too Bel-fast. Even when the weather sometimes by me Edin-burrrrr, I was still having a Wale(s) of a time. One could say that going on this trip was an easy dub(lin), and anyone who has the opportunity to do something similar to what I have just experienced should definitely do so. Until next time!

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