Picture Perfect

By: Emily Lovasz

As our last day in London and in Europe with our amazing group of 15 students and our wonderful two professors came to a close, I looked back at some of my favorite memories from the trip. One of the things Bridget and I tried to do in each city was visit some of the most Instagram worthy spots. We would look up online were some of the best picture taking spots are and then we would seek them out to take our own pictures.

Umbrella Canopy off of Grafton Street, Dublin


This was one of the first Instagram worthy spots Rohan and I went to while in Dublin. A canopy of colorful umbrellas hung over this cobble stone street right off of the busy and lively Grafton Street. As it got darker, they lit up, making the street bright with color. Not that many people were there taking pictures like we were, so it was easy to get a good shot.


Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross Station, London


This may not have been on the list for most Instagram worthy spots, but it definitely was on mine. As a huge fan of Harry Potter, I knew I had to see this in Kings Cross Station, even if that meant waiting over 45 minutes in line. After putting on the Gryffindor scarf and grabbing a wand, I posed for a quick picture before heading onto the platform to wait for the Hogwarts Express.



sketch, London


A very prestigious and probably over priced, artsy restaurant was our next stop. During our last week in London, Bridget mentioned going to a restaurant that was well known and had great reviews. Each room was part of an art gallery with colorful and simple paintings covering the walls. The artsy vibe, low lighting and bright pink decor of the gallery made for some great pictures.


Redemption Wings, London


This spot was something we came across while walking around in the Shoreditch area of London one night. A few places in the United States have walls with painted angel wings or butterfly wings on them and a person can stand in the middle to look like they are wearing them. This one at the Redemption bar in Shoreditch was a smaller version, but still pretty cool to see.



Élan Café, London

file-30The last place we visited on our trip was on our very last day in London. Rohan, Bridget and I went to a famous café near Hyde Park in London. This tiny café only had three tables on the main floor and about 10 tables in the basement. The window was filled with desserts, pastries and flatbreads. On the way downstairs, the wall was covered with pink and white flowers. The three walls in the downstairs dining area matched the flowered wall on the stairs, making the room warm and bright. The cakes, coffee and tea were yummy and it was a great last spot to visit at the end of our trip.

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