Sketch, but not Sketchy

Last night, I was fortunate to get a reservation at a very unique bar/restaurant. Sketch is an art gallery and restaurant, home to multiple rooms and vibes. These include the lecture room and library, the gallery, the glade, the parlour, and the east bar. I have been dying to eat in the gallery section for about 6 months now. This gallery monochrome ballerina pink, and soft on the eye. The chairs are all pink velvet or leather, and the bars backdrop was a muted gold. The lighting changed from a more violet undertone to a gold and bright room as the night went on, changing the mood from mysterious and sexy to light and fun. 

As soon as we walked in the restaurant our attitudes changed from broke college kids to affluent adults. The entrance is a longer hallway with sculptures and prints on the wall. As you make your way down the hallway, you are greeted with a staircase leading you to coat check, which was a big white revolving door with pink neon lights installed inside. The ladies working all wore pink and yellow shift dresses and platform heels, and matched the undertones of the small hallways lighting. They sat behind the revolving door, which had a large circle cut out in the middle for coat transferring. On the wall opposite of the coat check were the table settings used at he restaurant and their price ranges. The plates were simple and unique. They were all white at the base, with only black words and designs as final details. They were very minimalist and straightforward, and some were very strange. As we kept walking, we were greeted with the reception desk. The hallway was grand and decorated with art and sketches. To the left of us was the bar and restaurant called the glade, and the gallery was to the right. The pink was overwhelming and tasteful all at once. The bar really hit all of your main senses. 

The wining and dining was extravagant as well. Although the portions were small, the flavor was massive and tasteful ( a perfect medley). Overall, this has been the highlight of my trip thus far.


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