By: Emily Lovasz

On one of our last nights in London, Bridget, Rohan, Chris and I went out for a late dinner. I never eat dinner at 10:30 p.m., but this night, I guess I was up for trying something new.

Bridget found a restaurant called Sketch that was inside an art gallery. Apparently it was a very prestigious and highly rated restaurant in London that we HAD to go to. So, we waited until 10:30 p.m. because that was the only reservation left in the restaurant that night.

file-20As we walked in, I was in awe. Striking paintings and interesting art lined the walls and bright lights shone on them, highlighting them and making them stand out from the dark corridors. Walking down the hall, we went down a few stairs and to the hostess desk where they showed us to our table. As we walked by the desk, to our left was green room that looked liked a forest. It was decorated in leaves and green shag carpeting.

Continuing into the other room, it was all pink. Bridget loves pink, so she felt right at home. At first we felt out of place, but as soon as we sat down I was more comfortable and ready to enjoy dinner somewhere I normally wouldn’t go to.

Our first course of the night was off of the main menu. Bridget and I ordered the eggplant tortellini with vegetables and this sweet, yellow sauce covering it. After dinner our whole table got to the part we were waiting for: dessert. We knew that at this fancy restaurant in London there would be amazing dessert.


Rohan ordered the macaroons and Bridget, Chris and I ordered the chocolate dessert with pink cake, chocolate, raspberries and sauce. It was the most delicious thing I have had.

file-21The only downside to the restaurant was that it was very expensive, but it was so worth it. After our very expensive dinner we went to the bathroom and I was very surprised. Each toilet was concealed inside an egg pod. At the bottom of the stairs a bar was inside the main egg and then there are two staircases, one that led to the men’s bathrooms highlighted by blue lights and the other staircase led to the girl’s bathrooms highlighted by the red and pink lights.

Overall, this restaurant was a 10/10. Art lined the walls, fluffy pink chairs lined the aisles and pink lights filled the room, which gave the dining experience a different feel than normal. Even thought it was expensive and probably way out of my price range, it was definitely worth my time and money. I recommend it for anyone who is visiting London and wants to visit a hip and art-deco restaurant.

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