Street Photography In London

London is currently the most diverse city in the world. So as you may be able to imagine the city is full of interesting people, or as I like to call them “characters”. On top of the people, the city is also full of interesting architecture. Becuase of these two things the city makes for a great place to do some street photography. I am coming up on two weeks of time spent in London so I have had some time to capture some interesting images. While here photography was not my primary interest. Usually, if I had my camera out that means that I was filming. So when I was just walking around I would take a majority of my images on my phone. Specifically, I would take the images in the Huji Cam app because of the aesthetic it provides and the surprise factor that comes with. The app adds a retro ninety’s look to all the pictures with random rainbow light effects and a scratchy/grainy filter. The app comes with a disposable camera interface as well, adding into the aesthetic. During my time in London, I have taken four Huji photos that I really love. 2018-06-24 15:28:26.949This first image really captures one of my favorite London environments, the Tube. It was taken from one car peering into the other and it really shows how hectic and diverse a tube ride can be.2018-05-27 11:55:48.570 This next image I took on our first day together as a group. It really stuck out to me because it captured a relationship in a really cool place, on the banks of the Thames.2018-05-27 12:00:16.966 This next one was also taken on that same day on the banks of the Thames. The difference is, is that it was taken of some of our group members and not of strangers. This is of Mark and Tiara. The reason why I love this picture is that Mark is notoriously tall and I framed the image to make it look like he is leaning on Tiara when in reality they were standing 4-5 feet apart.2018-05-27 16:08:24.494 This last image was also taken on the Tube and what I love about it is the timing and how I captured it. The man seemed interesting so what I did was hang my phone at my waist and waited for him to do something interesting and I shot the picture when he was wiping his face. It is funny because it looks like he is very upset but in reality, he was just wiping his face. Overall, street photography in London has been a lot of fun and my phone in combination with this app has proven to be quite a powerful tool.

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